Alan Nasypany

Alan grew up in up state New York and worked in a variety of manual labor settings, was an avid athlete, and developed a somewhat unhealthy relationship with half moon cakes and the Yankees baseball team. Alan then pursed sports medicine in college and since then has worked in numerous sports, clinic, and university settings.

Alan has 20+ years experience as a healthcare professional, 13 years as a professor, and has 50+ peer-reviewed journal articles related to patient care research. Alan started the first doctoral program in Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) where he is the Director, and routinely serves as a guest lecturer in Medical Schools in the NorthWest. In addition, Alan is a Master Instructor for Primal Reflex Release Technique ™. With this, dozens of cutting-edge treatment intervention trainings, and a focused intuition, Alan has learned and developed many strategies to help guide your transformation process.

How It Works

After an initial consultation, Alan recommends a course of action, most of which have the expectations of immediate, long-lasting results. The goal of Alan’s treatments is to: 1) help you reach your desired goals & 2) teach you how to become your own expert. Alan believes that with a little practice we can all develop a keen level of awareness that allows us to make guided decisions.

How Alan receives guidance- most commonly, he receives guidance in the form of sensations and a cognitive Knowing. Less frequently, he may get audio or visual information from his guides. Alan consistently feels the presence of his guides.

During a session, while you and Alan are engaging on a human level, your spirits are engaging with your guidance and All That Is on the spiritual levels.

Alan does not subscribe to a particular religion, but he does respect and value all viewpoints. To Alan, it seems that there is a hierarchical level that is God, or Universal Power, and then everything else comes underneath that. We understand that particular people are going to have particular affinities to specific religious or spiritual constructs. We have had clients with many different religious beliefs, spiritual beliefs, or no particular beliefs, and they all seem to benefit equally from the sessions.

“I believe more in the active connection to Source than a particular viewpoint. To me it is all Love and Wisdom and after that it gets tricky ♥”.