ReSource Energetics – Explore Your Potential With Us

 We are excited to announce the launch of reSource energetics. Why now? We have been doing this work in some shape and form for the last 20 years, but wanted to make this accessible to as many people as possible. What do we do? We work with healing, sports medicine, intuitive help, energy medicine, health & life guidance/consultation, and performance enhancement. We combine eastern and western concepts, research, and practice to offer you a unique reSource for your life. Who is it for? Anyone! It can be for you, a loved one, or a patient or client. You may want to feel better, learn a technique, or want to explore our services to be able to your resources and referral network. Sessions: We offer in-person and distance sessions for individuals, groups, teams, and companies. We also offer courses based on your needs. Goals: Our goal is to help as many people that want help…or that are just curious. Coming up: In the coming weeks we will be sharing some of our favorite resources with you, posting tips and tricks, and answering your questions!

Big Love. Alan & Emma

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