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About Us

reSource Energetics is an organization with a team of professionals that empowers you to achieve your highest health, wealth, wellness, performance, relationship and happiness potential.

localflowerrestEssentially our process is sensing (intuition & awareness) what is true and not true for you in relation to patterns and barriers that are helpful and not helpful. We then delete the limiting factors before helping you to create new behaviors to allow you to obtain your full mind-body-spirit potential. Our intention is to guide, teach, and empower you to be your own coach, doctor, cheerleader, and friend.

We believe that change can occur, it can be fast, and can be easy and enjoyable!

Who is reSource Energetics For?

Anyone who wants to change something in their life!

  • Do you feel sluggish, blocked, low, or feel that something is just missing or off?
  • Do you have an injury, ache, pain or issue that has not improved, or reoccurs no matter what you have tried?
    • Unclear back pain, random fatigue, weight loss, or choking in performance in sport or the arts.
  • Have you had multiple medical work ups and/or diagnosis and don’t know which way to turn next?
    • Uncertain about what is right, what information means, or what treatment will be best for you. 
  • Have you had medication or surgery recommended, but are not sure if it is right for you?

    • Weighing up the pros and cons based on success rates, impacts of medication or surgery versus doing something else?
  • Are you looking for alternate treatments to compliment your traditional medical care, or your sport or fitness training?
    • Wanting to explore stress management while undergoing cancer treatment, or wish to work on performance imagery for soccer.  
  • Do you feel stress at work, in relationships, with finances, at school or in sport or performing arts, which is affecting your performance, enjoyment, and satisfaction?
  • Do you feel lost, confused, stuck, or trapped?
    • Stuck in the initial stages of grief unable to move on.
  • Are you caregiver with no time for yourself and need a tune up?
  • Do you simply want to feel lighter, rested, and be able to think and laugh again?

If after the initial assessment and/or meeting we believe that we are not the right match for you, and/or you are not satisfied with your outcomes, we will work to help find the right resource(s) for you.

Big Love!

Alan & Emma – reSource Energetics

Note. reSource Energetics does not diagnose or treat medical issues. We recommend that you work with qualified medical professionals to diagnose, treat, and manage your health issues. We highly recommend that you organize health care and support teams that can offer you holistic mind-body-spirit care … we are happy to be one of the members of your team!



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