We expect immediate results and measurable changes in all of our consulting sessions. Many issues resolve, completely, in 1 consultation; however, to resolve deeply embedded patterns or reach your highest potential, you may want to try one of our package deals.

Distance Sessions

Distance sessions work essentially the same as an in-person session would, but allows for greater flexibility in how we deliver the services (you don’t have to travel, we not confined to a room, more convenience, etc.). In quantum physics, we recognize that time and space are only relatively real, and we have the ability to engage easily from a distance. We can also examine past and future patterns, because time is not as linear as we perceive it to be on this plain.

Group Sessions

Sometimes it is ideal to work with groups, especially if there are concerns about group issues. In a group session, we scan for issues affecting the group, and strengthen the group to those issues. Sometimes follow-up work or individual sessions are required to cement some of the more specific aspects of the issues, but there is always an effect in the group. Many times only group sessions are needed.

Work & Business. We can work with you to increase employee performance while simultaneously increasing their enjoyment in the work environment. High achievement and success, doesn’t have to be the opposite of happiness.

Sport Teams.  Sometimes the “team” factor is the deciding element in success or failure of the team in any given year. In our experience team cohesiveness can be extremely important and ultimately contribute to enjoyment of the experience.


We offer in-person, and E-courses. We are currently developing several E-courses that will be available soon. We also enjoy developing new courses for groups on an as-needed basis. We can tell after an initial consultation whether are not a new course or personalized course would be of use to a group or individual. Some typical course topics include but are not limited to: Injuries, illnesses, health, wealth, happiness, mindfulness, connecting with your higher guidance, etc.