Our dream is to share our combined gifts, education, and work and life experiences with others. The intent is to aid and empower anyone that wishes to explore their potential. The journey with us can be related to “fixing” something in your life, enhancing who and what you are, to simply playing with our concepts, or learning about complimentary mind-body-spirit practices for your own work with others. Our goal is to reach as many people that are looking for help or that are curious.

Our dream is also to build a retreat. This retreat will be our base and a place for healing, exploration, rest and rejuvenation. It will combine the awesome healing powers of nature, activity, nutrition as well as many mind-body-spirit in-person and distance courses and classes. We want this to be available to all- those looking for personal growth, those who are sick, those in need of renewal and redirection, those just wanting a get away, as well as rest breaks for caregivers. We hope to offer discounts and scholarships so that travel, stay, and treatment are not barriers for those in need. So, please know that the majority of your payment for services will be reinvested in the health, wellness, and happiness of others.

Thank you!

Alan & Emma – reSource Energetics