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empowers you to achieve your highest health, wealth, wellness, performance, relationship and happiness potential. The journey with us can be related to “fixing” something in your life, enhancing who and what you are, playing with our concepts, or learning about complimentary mind-body-spirit practices for yourself or your work with others.

We believe that change can occur, it can be fast, and can be easy and enjoyable!

Our process entails identifying ( using intuition and awareness) what is true and not true for you in relation to patterns and barriers that are not helpful to your health and happiness. We then delete those limiting factors before helping you to create new patterns to allow for your full mind-body-spirit potential. We guide, teach, and empower you to be your own coach, doctor, cheerleader, and friend.

Who is reSource energetics for?

Anyone who wants to change something in their life!

  • Do you feel sluggish, blocked, low, or feel that something is just missing or off?
    • Wanting to feel lighter, rested, and be able to think and laugh again?
  • Do you have an injury, ache, pain or issue that has not improved, or reoccurs no matter what you have tried?
    • Unclear back pain, random fatigue, weight loss, or choking in performance in sport or the arts.
  • Have you had multiple medical work ups and/or diagnosis and don’t know which way to turn next?
    • Unsure what is right, what information means, or what treatment will be best for you.
  • Have you had medication or surgery recommended, but are not sure if it is right for you?
    • Weighing the pros and cons based on success rates, impacts of medication or surgery versus doing something else.
  • Are you looking for alternate treatments to compliment your traditional medical care, or your sport or fitness training?
    • Exploring stress management while under cancer treatment, or wanting to work on performance imagery  for soccer.  
  • Do you feel stress at work, in relationships, with finances, at school or in sport or performing arts, which is affecting your performance, enjoyment, and satisfaction?
  • Do you feel lost, confused, stuck, or trapped?
    • Feeling stuck in the initial stages of grief and unable to move on. Feeling unfulfilled at work despite achieving measures of workplace success.
  • Are you caregiver with no time for yourself and need a tune up?

The right reSource for you

If after the initial assessment and/or meeting we believe that we are not the right match for you, and/or you are not satisfied with your outcomes, we will work to help find the right resource(s) for you.

reSource energetics does not diagnose or treat medical issues. We recommend that you work with qualified medical professionals to diagnose, treat, and manage your health issues. We highly recommend that you organize health care and support teams that can offer you holistic mind-body-spirit care.


We look forward to being a member of your team!


Our dream is to share our combined gifts, education, and work and life experiences with other to empower anyone that wishes to explore our services. Our plan is to build a retreat, which will be our base and a place for healing, exploration, rest and rejuvenation. It will combine the awesome healing powers of nature, activity, nutrition as well as many mind-body-spirit in-person and distance courses and classes. We want this to be available to all- those looking for personal growth, those who are sick, those in need of renewal and redirection, those just wanting a get away, as well as rest breaks for caregivers. We hope to offer discounts and scholarships so that travel, stay, and treatment are not barriers for those in need. So, please know that the majority of your payment for services will be reinvested in the health, wellness, and happiness of others.

Big Love!

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Alan & Emma


“Mom, my mind is blown! That guy knew more about me than I know about myself. I feel so good right now!”

Payton, High School Student- Athlete –  Life Purpose – Career Exploration.