How We Can Help

Change can occur, it can be fast, and it can be easy and enjoyable!

We use our extensive education, training, and intuition to help you identify what no longer serves you.

This may be an old thought pattern or belief attached to a concern, disease, or illness or an energy that is holding the pattern/condition in place.

We then help you to detach from what no longer serves you and align you to new possibilities.

We guide, teach, and empower you to obtain the life you desire.

Common Issues And How We Can Help

Sport or The Arts

Are you performing inconsistently? Unable to tap into your fullest potential? Or are overthinking, nerves, or social anxiety getting in your way?

We can help you remove mental, emotional, and energetic blocks to help you achieve success, and provide you with tools to obtain your performance and creative goals.

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I would recommend Alan to anyone, whether pursing new levels in peak performance, or dealing with difficult personal issues.

Doug, 62. PGA

Lack of Energy & Joy

Do you feel sluggish, blocked, low, or feel that something is just missing or off?

We can help you feel lighter, rested, and able to think and laugh again.


Are you lost, confused, trapped, unfulfilled, or living with trauma?

We can help you release what is no longer serving you and help you move forward in all areas of your life.

One of these issues was that I was constantly sick, and terrified of getting sick. This has been a fear of mine since I was 4 years old. Within just one session with Alan I felt liberated of this fear.

GIanna, 25


Not sure who or what you are in general, or after a change such as childbirth, graduation, divorce, or loss?

We can help you reconnect to yourself, feel better than ever, and find direction.


Run down from juggling multiple roles/tasks, caregiving, or too much to do with no time for yourself?

We can disconnect you from the overwhelm and reconnect you to joy.

Medical Conditions

Unsure how to navigate a health condition and/or advice and treatments?

We can help you sense which is most aligned to you, weigh the pros and cons, and build your confidence to navigate it all.

They both have incredible intuition that helped me get my head above water when it felt like I was drowning in healing issues that were happening on so many levels.

SHawn, 38

Chronic Pain, Health, & Mental Health

Do you have an injury, pain, depression, anxiety, or issue(s) that have not improved, or recurs no matter what you have tried?

We can help with complementary body-mind- spirit practices to enhance your life.

For the first time in a long time, I am not at the mercy of pain- emotional or physical.

Marie, 52

Complementary Care

Are you looking for complementary practices that align with your traditional medical care or your sport and fitness training? 

Supplement your current practice e.g., stress management while undergoing cancer treatment, work on imagery for soccer or the arts.

Body & Weight Concerns

Do you have issue(s) with weight gain or loss, a lack of love for your body, or body image concerns?

We can help review what energetic blocks stand in the way and help you achieve satisfaction.

Alan and Emma have been an integral part of my recovery from Breast Cancer.

Sharleen, 47.


Do you have stress in some or all areas of your life?

We can help you find relief, reconnect to joy, and feel rested and rejuvenated.


Are relationships, work, or overall satisfaction causing you stress? Need help exploring a new career path? Need someone to help you with your resume, CV, or interview preparation?

We can help you remove mental, emotional, and energetic blocks to help you in all areas of your work life.

Grief, Sadness, Loss

Have you experienced loss and can’t seem to move forward?

Disconnect the grief, loss, and sadness. Move forward with the memories and love, without the pain and sadness. 

Recently a child’s birthday, which is also the anniversary of his death, passed and I felt nothing but love for the time and the experience I had with my child instead of sadness and guilt.

Heather, 45.

What if everyday was your best day?

Each person leaves their session lighter, with clarity, and with ways in which to help them live their best life.

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