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Resource Energetics

Resource Energetics owned and operated by Dr Alan Nasypany and Dr Emma Grindley. Dr Nasypany conducts our sessions, workshops, and courses. Dr Grindley works with Dr Nasypany in certain sessions, assists with preparation and planning, and several areas of the business.

Our Philosophy and Mission

Our goal is to empower you to achieve your highest health, wellness, relationship, performance, financial, and happiness potentials. To do this we use our extensive education, training, awareness, and intuition to help identify what no longer serves you, detach that, and then bring in the new. We gently teach and guide you through the process and provide you with a variety of tools and skills so that you can be your own best doctor, coach, cheerleader, and friend.

Teaching you how to raise your vibration to attract the life that you desire is a key part of our practice.

Dr. Alan Nasypany

Alan Nasypany

Alan is naturally gifted, but has years of traditional experience…and thousands of hours hands on.

Bart, 65. All over pain

Dr. Nasypany grew up in Central New York and worked in a variety of manual labor settings, was an avid athlete, and New York Yankees fan. Alan then pursued sports medicine in college and since then has worked in numerous sport, clinic, and university settings. He has spent the last 20 years learning and integrating eastern, complementary medicine, and wellness practices. He also has intuitive gifts that he applies during each session.

I feel that Alan is open to knowing me with my best interest at hand. He is constantly educating me to the process in which we are going through… Maybe he is effective at healing because he is funny… Maybe it is because his vast knowledge and understanding of the healing process radiates his very essence and I can’t help but heal just being in his presence.

Dan, 50. pain
  • 20+ years experience as a healthcare professional specializing in sports medicine, chronic pain, and unresponsive health conditions.
  • Completed dozens of cutting-edge treatment intervention trainings (including manual therapies and energy medicine).
  • Master Instructor for Primal Reflex Release Technique ™.
  • A university professor since 2005.
  • 75+ peer-reviewed journal articles related to patient care research.
  • Started the first doctoral program in Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) where he is the Director of 2 graduate programs.
  • Routinely serves as a guest lecturer in Medical Schools in the NorthWest.
  • Investigating eastern, complementary, and alternative medicine since 2000.
  • Qigong Instructor.
  • Made a practice of studying all of the techniques and approaches that sounds to good to be true to see if he could reproduce or improve upon the claimed results.

“He has shared his life experience and events to connect his knowledge with mine to filter and personalize a care plan for me at each stage of my recovery.”

Summer, 33. Chronic Pain

Dr. Emma Grindley

It is exciting to be able to help empower people –  to tune them into what they already are and all that they can be.

Dr Grindley
Emma Grindley

Dr. Grindley grew up in up in England and enjoyed being outdoors, creating artwork, and traveling. Emma worked in a ski resort in France, taught English in Taiwan, and worked at summer camps teaching outdoor activities in the US.

Emma pursued sports studies in college and then went on to get a Masters in Human Performance, a Masters in Community Counseling and her Doctorate in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Since then she has worked in university settings and counseling roles teaching, guiding, and mentoring children, adults, and college students. She has spent the last 20 years learning and integrating eastern and complementary medicine and wellness practices into her academic classes and consultation work. Emma also has helped hundreds of people explore careers, prepare professional documents (resumes, letters), and get ready for interviews. Emma has natural skills of listening, compassion, and intuition that she applies during each session.

As a Potentialist Emma often works alongside Dr Nasypany to assist in sessions, write posts, and help develop workshops. She is also involved in a number of the behind the scenes aspects of the business and keeps Dr Nasypany aligned and in line 🙂

Emma and Alan are a powerhouse duo with sensitivity and compassion to match. They both have incredible intuition that helped me get my head above water when it felt like I was drowning in healing issues that were happening on so many levels.

Shawn, 38. Managing Health Issues

RSE Retreat

Our dream is to share our gifts, education, and work and life experiences with others to empower others. Our plan is to build a retreat, which will be a base for healing, exploration, rest and rejuvenation. The retreat center will combine the awesome healing powers of nature, activity, nutrition as well as many body-mind-spirit courses and classes.

We want this to be available to all – those looking for personal growth, those who are sick, those in need of renewal and redirection, those just wanting a get away, as well as rest breaks for caregivers. We hope to offer discounts and scholarships so that travel, stay, and treatment are not barriers for those in need. So, watch this space and feel free to donate to our cause 🙂 ! 

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