Many people believe they need to suffer or let time pass to heal, but that is not true. Changes are instant and truly life changing.

Gianna, 25. Georgia. Sickness and Fears Related to Illness.

Personal Sessions

Distance and in-person sessions are available. Distance sessions are held via phone or video conferencing.

Enjoy the flexibility of doing a session from anyplace at anytime!

30 mins$95
1 hour$175

In just one session (which I still can’t believe), Alan quickly deduced my core issues and provided me with tools to address them.

Kelly, 50. Construction Professional.

Purchase a package for cost savings!

180 min package $444 (saves $81)
360 min package $777 (saves $273)
Packages can use 30 or 60 min sessions and can be shared with friends and family.

Within a couple of sessions with Alan, I could literally breathe easier and let go of a lot of accumulated baggage.

Doug, 62. PGA. Caregiver Needing Rejuvenation.

Free Session Draw

Financial hardship preventing you from getting the help that you need?

Submit now to win a free session.

Cost can be a barrier to obtaining help. To remove this barrier we created a free draw. Simply send us an email titled “Free Session Submission” and include a little about yourself. Every month we draw one person who has submitted for a free personal session.


It is such a relief to work with someone who can see what is really going on with my emotions without me trying to articulate something I really don’t understand myself.

Marie, 52. Chronic Pain.

Group Sessions and Workshops

We offer intuitive, solution-focused consulting to groups and teams. Our approach is gentle and our effect is immediate.

In a group or team session, we scan for issues affecting the group and remove the automatic unconscious connections to those issues. Sometimes follow-up work or individual sessions are necessary to cement some of the more specific aspects of the clearings, but there is always an effect in the group. 

  • Work & Business.
    • Work with us to increase employee performance while simultaneously increasing enjoyment in the work environment. High achievement and success doesn’t have to be the opposite of happiness.
  • Sport and Athletics.
    • Work with us to create immediate changes in physical and mental performance, and success. Learn how to be consistently at the top of your game.
    • Check out Alan’s Interview with Brendon at Be Better Golf
  • Performance and The Arts.
    • Work with us to enhance creativity, productivity, performance, and/or flow. Change limiting beliefs, remove creative blocks, and enjoy the whole show.
  • Health and Wellness.
    • Work with us to add complementary skills to your medical, health, wellness, and fitness group or team.


The Master Key practices can help you to improve your happiness, focus, health, well-being, knowing, communication, productivity, and compassion!

Dr Nasypany is a certified Qigong teacher through Robert Peng’s Elixir Light Qigong. Dr. Nasypany offers Robert Peng Qigong courses that vary in length from 1-hour private sessions to week-long workshops. Robert Peng is one of the most amazing human beings that I have met- Dr Nasypany. Learn more about Robert Peng here –

Practicing Qigong with Alan has been an amazing experience. For the first time, in what had felt like years, I felt joy, happiness, and peace throughout our sessions…Anyone who has suffered with depression knows that those small moments of joy can be the difference between life and death. Qigong has helped me grow, it has brought clarity back to my life, and most importantly it has created an avenue within myself to be compassionate and accepting towards myself.

Hazel, 28.

Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT)

Primal Reflex Release Technique was created by John Iams, MA, PT ( It is by far the best neurologically focused treatment therapy that Dr Nasypany has experienced.

In PRRT, Primal Reflexes (e.g., grasp reflex) are stimulated in efforts to restore appropriate nervous system function. This restoration is accomplished in seconds or minutes with PRRT, as opposed to weeks or months in traditional therapies. PRRT can help to immediately resolve many chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

The fight or flight aspects of the autonomic nervous system are out of balance for most people leading to a constant state of dysregulation. This can increase threat anticipation, and can result in increased pain, anxiety, or tension. PRRT can quickly bring balance to the system resulting in positive changes.

Resource Energetics Academy Courses

We provide high-quality and cutting-edge courses for individuals and clinicians. Enjoy the benefits of self-paced courses that contain educational videos, demonstrations, and activities.

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