More Love & Light Is The Only Sustainable Path

One thing I have learned is that the solution to any problem is always more love/light and not less love/light. The reason for this is in how it affects your vibration.

Here’s a quick and telling exercise:

1) Notice how you feel in this moment. Take stock of your vibration, which is your current feeling state.

2) Think of something that you feel guilty or ashamed about for 10 seconds. Don’t get too crazy, make it between a 4-7/10.

3) Notice how you feel in this moment after thinking/feeling about this situation or memory for just 10 seconds. Did it feel good? Did it feel like you were more likely or less likely to do good in the next five minutes?

4) Now, for the next 10 seconds, remember a time that you were awesome, a time when you did something great for yourself or for someone else. Pause and really do this!!! What do you notice about how you feel, what is your current state of vibration? Are you more likely or less likely to do something good in the next five minutes?

What most will have experienced with this exercise is that thinking/feeling about something yucky, changed their vibration to a yucky feeling, that was not likely to help them be great or an asset to themselves or anyone else.

In the second example, most people will notice that they felt great. Much better than the original baseline check (before we started the exercise).

The more you focus on what feels good, the better you feel, and the better you can show up for yourself and everyone else.

The answer to having a good life is never withholding your love or light. As my good friend (who doesn’t know it yet) Dave Matthews says, “An eye for an eye, leaves nothing but a room full of blind men.”

In these times, people tend to conflate or confuse holding someone accountable on the human level with withholding our love and light from them. Anytime we withhold our love and light, we diminish ourselves (the Truth of who and what we are) and we help to make it less likely that the person that we are withholding love from, will do something good in the future.

Do with people what you will, but NEVER put them out of your heart!

Maharajji (Ram Dass’ Guru).

This may seem like a tall order to the human/avatar that you are driving. However, to the aspect of you that is driving your human (your higher self or soul), it is the only option that keeps us in our Truth and Integrity.

As a simple rule:

Go to your heart, light it up with the Truth of who and what you really are, radiate that Truth from every pore, then go drive that human.


Big Love – Alan & Emma


How To Yes And No For Success

Many of us feel overwhelmed at times with all the things that are on our plate. When we stop and look at the plate we often see things that we said yes to that we are less than excited about. And stuck in overwhelm we may also lack joy in the things we “yesed”.


You may “Yes” as the thing is something to make a life better. It may be a day to day task (e.g., laundry, raking leaves), work related (e.g., writing a report, sending an email), or something you feel obligated to do (e.g., a fundraiser, or returning a favor).

Once you have agreed to them decide to put your time and energy into them when you do them. Refusing to split your energy between the present moment and what you should have said instead of “yes”, and how it will all pan out, will help you to engage in the Now. 

Engage your senses – see the color of the leaves and hear the sound of the rake, feel the keys under your fingers as you type, soak in the gratitude that flows through your pen, feel your muscles engage as you move, allow your smile to grow as you help out. 

Enjoy the wonder of what you are doing, how your body and mind works to make that happen, and how your spirit feels.

Say “Yes”to the thing, but also to the full experience of that moment.



Sometimes we just need some No’s in our life. We can “No” to other’s requests as well as our own personal expectations and demands.

When a situation comes up stop, breathe, then scan your body for how it feels and what images or words come into your mind.

Do you feel butterflies or a tightness in your throat, do you see yourself begrudgingly doing the thing you agreed to, or are you aware that doing the thing would actually add nothing positive to your life? 

If you decide that it is not helpful for you, or them, to Yes the moment, then you can opt for No. 

How do you “No”? Just say it!

You do not have to deliver a list of reasons why you cannot and should not do it, draw up your schedule on a white board to show them how you spend your time in worthy ways, or write a report justifying your worth and defining your good character. Just say “No”. 

Before you deliver the “No” give a little space – Breathe, open your heart, and then deliver it from a place of compassion. The compassion is for yourself as well as them.

For some, your “No” gives them the gift of transformation – aka figuring out how to do something on their own, or calling on someone else (and in turn gifting someone else the chance to step in or up).

This could be a friend that learns how to budget when you don’t lend them money, a parent that calls on a different child that is less active in their life, or a colleague that is given the report to write and a chance to shine. 

Yes, of course in all of those cases it could go “wrong” and the thing not get done in the way that you envision it. However, maybe what transpires is exactly what was meant to and the lesson learned by them is as it should be.

You gifted that life lesson to them with your “No”, as well as gifting yourself a clearer plate/freedom from self-imposed obligation. 

Gently take control of what goes on your plate and also how you engage with the things on it. 

What do you think – Yes or No?

Yours in empowerment

Big Love – Emma & Alan


Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns

Repeating patterns are all around us. In nature and in art they can be calming and healing. In our lives our patterns can help us enjoy life or prevent us from moving forward.

Gently observe your patterns.

See which ones help you feel good, such as seeking out multiple options before making a decision, walking your dog every morning, or thinking new things will be an “adventure”.

Then see which ones have you stuck, such as work having to be hard, believing that you are your diagnosis, thinking you are not good enough, or that money is hard to come by.

What patterns do you have?

This week bring your attention to the ones that raise you up, help you feel good, and add quality to your life. Nurture and celebrate those.

Then see if you can use the energy from those high vibration helpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and use them to shift the patterns that bring you down or hold you back.

Simply bring in the feeling of the higher vibration into the awareness of the less helpful patterns. Trust what you know already works and what feels right.

As always, we are here to help you on your journey.

Big Love – Emma & Alan

New online self-paced courses with Resource Energetics Academy

We would like to take a minute to share with you some exciting news. We have been immersed in new creative energies and we have courses to share with you:

Are you ready for change?

If YES then why not sign up for one of our online self-paced courses and start the next chapter of your life!

The Academy

Our mission is to provide high-quality and cutting-edge courses for individuals seeking change and clinicians. Each self-paced course includes educational videos, demonstrations, activities, and a certificate of completion.

Why choose an online self-paced course? Convenience of learning from your own home, setting your own study times, reviewing as many times as you want, adapting it to fit your learning patterns, and learning at your own pace.

  • Self-help courses are designed for you to learn specific techniques to help you live your best life.
  • Clinical courses are designed to teach clinicians how to facilitate instant change in their patients’ lives.

The Courses

Bringing In The Vibrations

Don’t wait for things to happen to feel good- bring in those good feelings NOW!

Are you ready to…

  • Change your vibrational state in less that 1 minute
  • Experience life with ease and spaciousness
  • Use the power of vibrational momentum to access your best life
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  • Finally take back control of your life
  • Embody the energies that most support you NOW

The Bucket

Release your past, return from your future, and step fully into the NOW!

Are you ready to…

  • Become aware of patterns that no longer serve you
  • Use a simple process to notice unhelpful energy patterns
  • Learn to instantly and permanently release old patterns
  • Clear patterns to make coping unnecessary
  • Clear your energetic slate so that you can paint the portrait of your future

Transforming Your Postpartum Body- Reconnecting With Your Core

Reconnect your postpartum body and restore your movement patterns NOW!

Are you ready to…

  • Feel connected again
  • Restore your ability to feel great
  • Release your blocks to better movement
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  • Follow along with our vibrational reconnection meditations

Connect With Us

Connect with us via Facebook and YouTube. For more about us, individual sessions, and scheduling check out our website www.resourceenergetics.com

Big Love

– Alan & Emma –

Wheeling It In: An Empath and Sensory Sensitivity Balancing Exercise

Are you…

  • Empathic?
  • Sensitive?
  • A really good listener?
  • Good at interpreting energy?
  • Or have you experienced an early micro or mini trauma(s)?

If yes, then chances are you get flooded and overwhelmed at times. Learn how to mange the sensory information and prevent it from overloading your system by reading the blog and watching the video below.

Learn about the Wheeling It In exercise

Quick and easy self management

In all of the cases mentioned above, people consciously or less consciously expand one or more (potentially all) of their senses in order to glean more information from an interaction.

I commonly notice, especially if I do more than a couple sessions in a row, that my senses will continue to expand outward searching for the subtle energies that will give guidance in how to proceed with a session. This is very common in people who intentionally interact with the subtle energies of life.

The challenge is that when your senses expand so far out from your body, you are basically thinning your aura or biofield, and because of this, you may feel hypersensitive to the point of being jumpy or startling easy. This hypervigilance can become habitual, leaving people with ultra-sensitivities in one or more of their physical senses (i.e., seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling, or sensing). I like to say that when you are in this state, a mouse fart may seem like someone let off loud fireworks in your body!

This state is also very common in people that have experienced traumas, or the real possibility of traumas. In the same way, as described before, people extend their senses feeling for subtle changes in their world that may indicate some future danger that they can avoid.

Some people may be sensitive to loud footsteps (which aren’t loud to other people), or they may be able to smell alcohol on someone from 30 feet away. Sometimes people may also notice the absence of something. Another example, that any athletic trainer can tell you, is that they can feel an unnatural silence come over a sports venue when someone is hurt, even without any other information (e.g., seeing the injury happen).

While these sharpened senses can absolutely be useful and potentially lifesaving, they can also lead people to unnecessary suffering. For example, just as your awareness becomes more sensitive and is aware of what “normally” wouldn’t be apparent, your body also becomes hypervigilant. This is most likely why a history of early childhood trauma is the strongest predictor of who is likely to develop a chronic pain syndrome later in life – their systems may interpret a minor pain signal as a potentially harmful signal (e.g., what may be a 2/10 becomes a 9/10) because their system is so sensitized. This increased sensitivity of the senses, most likely augments autoimmune issues too.

I use this exercise after every session. I can immediately feel a rush of energy and ease returning to me after I return to a “normal” sensitivity setting.

Dr Nasypany

You may wish to practice this several times a day in the beginning to develop a sense for when you find yourself in an “expanded sensitivity” state.

If you find that you are expanding and have no reason for it, it could be something that you retrain, or you could get a bit firmer with it and instruct, “Any parts of my Mind – Body – Spirit (MBS) that are automatically increasing sensitivity must signal me when they are doing it.” This will work because at one time we have given (on some level- perhaps less than consciously), permission for the Mind-Body-Spirit complex to increase its sensitivity without asking permission or even telling us.

The key to a harmonious life isn’t necessarily controlling everything, but it IS building awareness and assertiveness over your experiences.

Big Love

Alan and Emma –

A complementary resource for people affected by cancer & other chronic conditions


A frequent question we receive involves a common condition – whose name many cannot even utter – cancer. People often ask us what we can do to help. Our answer is multi-pronged and layered.

Here are a few areas of the journey that we can be of significant help with any chronic condition:

Lowering, and most of the time removing, the fear associated with the disease and the treatment process. This may happen within the first session.

Transforming guilt, shame, fear, grief, blame, anger, and victimhood that are associated with health challenges like cancer.

Aligning the person to receive the appropriate treatments with less resistance and greater peace. From this a person may experience significantly less side effects.

Energy testing foods and supplements to see if your body is in resonance with them (these tests are used as data points, not a definitive answer).

Teaching people how to keep the energies flowing in the field and in the body that often gets scrambled with chemotherapy and radiation and other treatments.

Providing leading-edge pain treatment strategies (e.g., Primal Reflex Release Technique, Qigong healings), that may work better than, or improve upon, the other pain reducing strategies commonly found in treatment plans.

Watercolor: Waiting

Finding activities that are vibrationally supportive for the client. Doing what you love (e.g., what raises your vibration) will always help!

Exploring stress management techniques to help with stressors that were there prior to, during, and post diagnosis.

Enhancing communication skills so that people can be heard and so they can easily collaborate with their medical team and support group.

Removing fears and its consequences for family and friends in order to create the most supportive process possible. In the stress models, it is commonly accepted that we do not heal our chronic conditions when we are in chronic stress (e.g., our bodies do not do a great job of transforming cancer cells when we are significantly stressed.)

Accessing and embodying their faith, which can be difficult on their own, especially during times of crisis. The vibrational energies of healing (e.g., God, angels, guides, universe) are often more palpable for clients in health crises.

Assisting clients to remain present with the experience (going into the past or future too often is one of the reasons some folks don’t heal).

Aiding people to keep perspective during these challenging times and even explore lessons that they have learned/are learning from the process.

Energetically exploring the patterns that may have been at the root of challenges.

In Chinese medicine and energy medicine it is commonly accepted that most cancers (and other chronic conditions) are created years, if not decades, before they are discovered in the physical body. We can help to eliminate chronic, unhelpful patterns that may actually be supporting the health condition. These patterns can be easy to reorganize and doing so may be the beginning of transformation of the condition.

We infuse each session with humor and love, and hold presence and space to allow our clients the room they need to process their experience.

Big Love- Alan & Emma

What Does It Mean To Be On A Spiritual Journey?

We have had many people ask what we think it is to be spiritual. Today, the answer is….

To be aware of the magnificence of your being as often as you can and see that in all others too! 

We are not the sums of our accomplishments minus our worst thoughts and behaviors.

We are that which recognizes those things as pieces of who we are, but not all that we are. We are that awareness or “witness” that sees all of those things, but refuses to judge them as good or bad. This is a lifelong practice…and we are afforded lots of opportunity to practice aren’t we!

We don’t need to climb a mountain or sit at the feet of a Guru to be on the journey, but you can, and you can as long as you don’t think it is the mountain or the Guru that is the answer.

The experiences with the mountains or the Guru illuminate the places in us that we aren’t consciously aware of or that we can’t get to regularly.

How else can we get there?

We can pay attention to how we view and react to others.When we admire people or things it is a pointer to what lies within us.  A”wow” or “awww”, moment with someone or something, evokes a physical feeling and emotion that sings or buzzes within us.

This is resonance, and this resonance calls attention to the moment and to our true selves. If we recognize this fact then we can begin to realize the “potential” of our spiritual journey. 

When we see something in someone that you really dislike, that too is a pointer, but this time to where we have some personal work to do.

Many times what we really dislike in others is what we have decided to work on and overcome in this life.

Acknowledge the feelings that are provoked, smile, say thank you, and move on.

For us, the spiritual journey is about using our experiences as pointers to whom we really are, beyond our genetics, conditioning, environment, etc. It is also the refusal to judge the present moment, people, or experience as good or bad, and just bask in the isness of it all.

We are the manifestation of All That Is in form, and we are all magnificent bubbling underneath waiting to burst through!

We are all gold mines – enjoy the journey.

Big Love

– Alan & Emma –

Qi Gong With Robert Peng

IMG_4975We wanted to share this great reSource with you.

Qi Gong is a great way to become aware of your qi (once you have felt it there is no denying it), tune into your organs, and to spend a little time on yourself in a gentle and relaxing way.

Robert Peng is the real deal. We have taken courses with him in person and online and highly recommend his work.

Check out his website for more information or send or post us your questions.

Click here to register for the course with Robert: https://www.penguniversity.com/?pa=FEE9FF025D

Big Love
Emma & Alan

The Space Between

Between stimulus and response there is space…in that space is our power to choose our response. In our response, lies our growth and our freedom.                                          

Viktor E Frankl. Man’s Search For Meaning.

Understanding, and applying, this concept is key to transformation. The seed of the new you is ever present in that space and it patiently awaits you.

To borrow a phrase from Jon Kabbat- Zinn, many of us live like human doings rather than human beings. We are so busy doing and thinking that we miss the now.

Have you ever wondered what you ate 2 minutes after eating, or have you spent your shower planning what you will do tomorrow?

We even mistake our unconscious patterns of behavior as our life. For example, we receive feedback that is less than “perfect” and quickly spin into shoulds, musts, oughts, and we roll our eyes, sigh, and hang our heads. We may blame ourselves for never being good enough and/or blame someone else for always being too harsh. We may even commiserate with friends about it at length, which keeps the initial reaction alive and makes it more likely that it will be our future reaction to similar events.

We have now unconsciously created a stressful story, lived it for several hours, and then hitched it all to that event. Many of us will spend hours living with the aftermath of these reactions and then repeat these patterns because they have been strengthened through repetition.

The space that surrounds any stimulus is where new possibilities lie. If we attend to that space we can consciously leave old patterns that no longer serve us and then nurture new ones that do.

In our example, the space, may let you feel the emotion of frustration or shame, observe it as a thought or as a bodily sensation, and then chose not to make it our “story”. The space may give us enough distance from the event to notice that the feedback came from someone who reminded us of a parent when they were being too critical, and from this we realize that we need to work on letting that parental story go. The space may also help us see that the event was a well-timed reminder for us to practice patience with them and ourselves.


Intent – Set your intent in the morning to practice observing the space during your day.

Prompts – Put reminders in places that have a tendency to trigger old patterns. For example, by the mirror where you have a tendency to look harshly upon yourself. Or set a reminder that pops up on your computer because email triggers work fears for you.

Experience – When you notice yourself move out of balance (e.g., you get tense, your stomach turns, you have negative talk) simply observe that experience, and maybe label it. It is important to avoid the personal possessive pronouns (e.g., I’m tense, turns to simply “tense”).

Breath – Bring your attention back to your breath flowing in and out.

Cue Words – This could be something like “space” or “ah ha!”. This is a reminder to sit in the space for a moment and it has positivity for yourself attached to it- almost like a good job for having this opportunity to practice. I like, “Well, that’s interesting!”- it is innocuous, curious, and light hearted. It also came on its own one day while I was being in the space :O)

Gratitude – Be thankful for the opportunity to practice and for your efforts – avoid judging or rating yourself.

Open – Be open to what follows.

Try it, play with it, and experience growth and freedom!

Yours in empowerment – Emma & Alan

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