What Does It Mean To Be On A Spiritual Journey?

We have had many people ask what we think it is to be spiritual. Today, the answer is….

To be aware of the magnificence of your being as often as you can and see that in all others too! 

We are not the sums of our accomplishments minus our worst thoughts and behaviors.

We are that which recognizes those things as pieces of who we are, but not all that we are. We are that awareness or “witness” that sees all of those things, but refuses to judge them as good or bad. This is a lifelong practice…and we are afforded lots of opportunity to practice aren’t we!

We don’t need to climb a mountain or sit at the feet of a Guru to be on the journey, but you can, and you can as long as you don’t think it is the mountain or the Guru that is the answer.

The experiences with the mountains or the Guru illuminate the places in us that we aren’t consciously aware of or that we can’t get to regularly.

How else can we get there?

We can pay attention to how we view and react to others.When we admire people or things it is a pointer to what lies within us.  A”wow” or “awww”, moment with someone or something, evokes a physical feeling and emotion that sings or buzzes within us.

This is resonance, and this resonance calls attention to the moment and to our true selves. If we recognize this fact then we can begin to realize the “potential” of our spiritual journey. 

When we see something in someone that you really dislike, that too is a pointer, but this time to where we have some personal work to do.

Many times what we really dislike in others is what we have decided to work on and overcome in this life.

Acknowledge the feelings that are provoked, smile, say thank you, and move on.

For us, the spiritual journey is about using our experiences as pointers to whom we really are, beyond our genetics, conditioning, environment, etc. It is also the refusal to judge the present moment, people, or experience as good or bad, and just bask in the isness of it all.

We are the manifestation of All That Is in form, and we are all magnificent bubbling underneath waiting to burst through!

We are all gold mines – enjoy the journey.

Big Love

– Alan & Emma –

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