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A frequent question we receive involves a common condition – whose name many cannot even utter – cancer. People often ask us what we can do to help. Our answer is multi-pronged and layered.

Here are a few areas of the journey that we can be of significant help with any chronic condition:

Lowering, and most of the time removing, the fear associated with the disease and the treatment process. This may happen within the first session.

Transforming guilt, shame, fear, grief, blame, anger, and victimhood that are associated with health challenges like cancer.

Aligning the person to receive the appropriate treatments with less resistance and greater peace. From this a person may experience significantly less side effects.

Energy testing foods and supplements to see if your body is in resonance with them (these tests are used as data points, not a definitive answer).

Teaching people how to keep the energies flowing in the field and in the body that often gets scrambled with chemotherapy and radiation and other treatments.

Providing leading-edge pain treatment strategies (e.g., Primal Reflex Release Technique, Qigong healings), that may work better than, or improve upon, the other pain reducing strategies commonly found in treatment plans.

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Finding activities that are vibrationally supportive for the client. Doing what you love (e.g., what raises your vibration) will always help!

Exploring stress management techniques to help with stressors that were there prior to, during, and post diagnosis.

Enhancing communication skills so that people can be heard and so they can easily collaborate with their medical team and support group.

Removing fears and its consequences for family and friends in order to create the most supportive process possible. In the stress models, it is commonly accepted that we do not heal our chronic conditions when we are in chronic stress (e.g., our bodies do not do a great job of transforming cancer cells when we are significantly stressed.)

Accessing and embodying their faith, which can be difficult on their own, especially during times of crisis. The vibrational energies of healing (e.g., God, angels, guides, universe) are often more palpable for clients in health crises.

Assisting clients to remain present with the experience (going into the past or future too often is one of the reasons some folks don’t heal).

Aiding people to keep perspective during these challenging times and even explore lessons that they have learned/are learning from the process.

Energetically exploring the patterns that may have been at the root of challenges.

In Chinese medicine and energy medicine it is commonly accepted that most cancers (and other chronic conditions) are created years, if not decades, before they are discovered in the physical body. We can help to eliminate chronic, unhelpful patterns that may actually be supporting the health condition. These patterns can be easy to reorganize and doing so may be the beginning of transformation of the condition.

We infuse each session with humor and love, and hold presence and space to allow our clients the room they need to process their experience.

Big Love- Alan & Emma

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