Wheeling It In: An Empath and Sensory Sensitivity Balancing Exercise

Are you empathic, a really good listener, good at interpreting energy, or have you experienced an early micro or mini trauma(s)?
If yes, then chances are you get flooded and overwhelmed at times. Learn more here about how to mange the sensory information and prevent it from overloading your system.

A complementary resource for people affected by cancer & other chronic conditions

A frequent question we receive involves a common condition – whose name many cannot even utter – cancer. People often ask us what we can do to help. Our answer is multi-pronged and layered. Here are a few areas of the journey that we can be of significant help with any chronic condition: Lowering, andContinue reading “A complementary resource for people affected by cancer & other chronic conditions”

What Does It Mean To Be On A Spiritual Journey?

We have had many people ask what we think it is to be spiritual. Today, the answer is…. To be aware of the magnificence of your being as often as you can and see that in all others too!  We are not the sums of our accomplishments minus our worst thoughts and behaviors. We areContinue reading “What Does It Mean To Be On A Spiritual Journey?”

Repeating Patterns

Repeating patterns are all around us. In nature and in art they can be calming and healing. In our lives our patterns can help us enjoy life or prevent us from moving forward. Gently observe your patterns. See which ones help you feel good, such as seeking out multiple options before making a decision, walking yourContinue reading “Repeating Patterns”

Qi Gong With Robert Peng

We wanted to share this great reSource with you. Qi Gong is a great way to become aware of your qi (once you have felt it there is no denying it), tune into your organs, and to spend a little time on yourself in a gentle and relaxing way. Robert Peng is the real deal.Continue reading “Qi Gong With Robert Peng”

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