reSource Energetics

About Us

reSource Energetics is an organization that empowers you to achieve your highest health, wealth, wellness, performance, relationship and happiness potential.  We believe that we all have the innate potential to be the best versions of ourselves, and at times we just need some help reconnecting to that inner wisdom and power.
localflowerrestMany of us face challenges such as injury, illness, disease, loss, pain, stress, fatigue, or feeling overwhelmed or lost. We believe that these are gifts to help us grow; however, we often need help to understand how these lessons came into our lives and/or to become empowered to move forward.  At reSource Energetics we collaborate with you in this process of discovery. Our staff  share with you years of education, continuing education courses, work and personal experience from a variety of different health and wellness fields. In addition, over 20 years of teaching and patient/client care is used to help you get the most from your gifts. We focus on guiding, teaching and empowering you to get in touch with your inner doctor, coach, cheerleader, and friend so that with some assistance you no longer need us.

“We believe that we can help you make the changes you need, that it can be fast, and it can be easy and enjoyable!” Alan 

Who is reSource Energetics For?

Anyone who wants to change something in their life!

  • Do you feel sluggish, blocked, low, or sense that something is missing or just off?
  • Do you have an injury, ache, pain or issue that has not improved, or not remained improved, no matter what you have tried? For example –  you may have unclear back pain, random fatigue, weight loss or gain, or experience “choking” in performance in sport or the arts.
  • Have you had multiple medical work ups and/or diagnoses and don’t know which way to turn next? For example – you are not sure what is right, what information means, or what treatment will be best for you. 
  • Have you had medication or surgery recommended, but you have fears or are not sure if it is the right choice for you? For example –  you may be weighing up the pros and cons based on success rates, thinking though the impacts of medication or surgery versus doing something else, have a fear of the potential negative outcomes.
  • Are you looking for additional or holistic treatments to compliment your traditional medical care, or your sport or fitness training? For example – you may want to explore stress management or energy medicine while undergoing cancer treatment, or wish to work on performance imagery  for baseball. 
  • Do you want to improve your business and career success and enjoyment?
  • Are you feeling stress at work, in relationships, with finances, being a parent, at school or in sport or performing arts and it is affecting your performance, enjoyment, and satisfaction?
  • Are you caregiver with no time for yourself and need a tune up?
  • Do you simply want to feel lighter, rested, and be able to think and laugh again?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the questions then we can help!

How We Work

  1. We conduct an initial consult where we help you to explore and define what it is you want to work on/ play with.
  2. We create a plan of action to help you reach your highest potential.
  3. We identify and remove blocks and barriers that are holding you back.
  4. We work with you to create new patterns.
  5. You may require a series of individual sessions,  a group session, or just one or two sessions with homework and accompanying coaching follow ups. For more information see our Services page.
  6. Our intent is to help you. We want you to find the right advice, treatment, facility, and help, so at any point if we feel that reSource Energetics is not the right match for you, and/or you are not satisfied with your outcomes, we will assist you in finding who or what you need.

We look forward to journeying with you!   

Big Love

Alan & Emma – reSource Energetics