More Love & Light Is The Only Sustainable Path

One thing I have learned is that the solution to any problem is always more love/light and not less love/light. The reason for this is in how it affects your vibration.

Here’s a quick and telling exercise:

1) Notice how you feel in this moment. Take stock of your vibration, which is your current feeling state.

2) Think of something that you feel guilty or ashamed about for 10 seconds. Don’t get too crazy, make it between a 4-7/10.

3) Notice how you feel in this moment after thinking/feeling about this situation or memory for just 10 seconds. Did it feel good? Did it feel like you were more likely or less likely to do good in the next five minutes?

4) Now, for the next 10 seconds, remember a time that you were awesome, a time when you did something great for yourself or for someone else. Pause and really do this!!! What do you notice about how you feel, what is your current state of vibration? Are you more likely or less likely to do something good in the next five minutes?

What most will have experienced with this exercise is that thinking/feeling about something yucky, changed their vibration to a yucky feeling, that was not likely to help them be great or an asset to themselves or anyone else.

In the second example, most people will notice that they felt great. Much better than the original baseline check (before we started the exercise).

The more you focus on what feels good, the better you feel, and the better you can show up for yourself and everyone else.

The answer to having a good life is never withholding your love or light. As my good friend (who doesn’t know it yet) Dave Matthews says, “An eye for an eye, leaves nothing but a room full of blind men.”

In these times, people tend to conflate or confuse holding someone accountable on the human level with withholding our love and light from them. Anytime we withhold our love and light, we diminish ourselves (the Truth of who and what we are) and we help to make it less likely that the person that we are withholding love from, will do something good in the future.

Do with people what you will, but NEVER put them out of your heart!

Maharajji (Ram Dass’ Guru).

This may seem like a tall order to the human/avatar that you are driving. However, to the aspect of you that is driving your human (your higher self or soul), it is the only option that keeps us in our Truth and Integrity.

As a simple rule:

Go to your heart, light it up with the Truth of who and what you really are, radiate that Truth from every pore, then go drive that human.


Big Love – Alan & Emma

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