New online self-paced courses with Resource Energetics Academy

We would like to take a minute to share with you some exciting news. We have been immersed in new creative energies and we have courses to share with you:

Are you ready for change?

If YES then why not sign up for one of our online self-paced courses and start the next chapter of your life!

The Academy

Our mission is to provide high-quality and cutting-edge courses for individuals seeking change and clinicians. Each self-paced course includes educational videos, demonstrations, activities, and a certificate of completion.

Why choose an online self-paced course? Convenience of learning from your own home, setting your own study times, reviewing as many times as you want, adapting it to fit your learning patterns, and learning at your own pace.

  • Self-help courses are designed for you to learn specific techniques to help you live your best life.
  • Clinical courses are designed to teach clinicians how to facilitate instant change in their patients’ lives.

The Courses

Bringing In The Vibrations

Don’t wait for things to happen to feel good- bring in those good feelings NOW!

Are you ready to…

  • Change your vibrational state in less that 1 minute
  • Experience life with ease and spaciousness
  • Use the power of vibrational momentum to access your best life
  • Master the Law of Attraction in 5 easy steps
  • Finally take back control of your life
  • Embody the energies that most support you NOW

The Bucket

Release your past, return from your future, and step fully into the NOW!

Are you ready to…

  • Become aware of patterns that no longer serve you
  • Use a simple process to notice unhelpful energy patterns
  • Learn to instantly and permanently release old patterns
  • Clear patterns to make coping unnecessary
  • Clear your energetic slate so that you can paint the portrait of your future

Transforming Your Postpartum Body- Reconnecting With Your Core

Reconnect your postpartum body and restore your movement patterns NOW!

Are you ready to…

  • Feel connected again
  • Restore your ability to feel great
  • Release your blocks to better movement
  • Experience immediate and measurable results
  • Follow along with our vibrational reconnection meditations

Connect With Us

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Big Love

– Alan & Emma –

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