Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns

Repeating patterns are all around us. In nature and in art they can be calming and healing. In our lives our patterns can help us enjoy life or prevent us from moving forward.

Gently observe your patterns.

See which ones help you feel good, such as seeking out multiple options before making a decision, walking your dog every morning, or thinking new things will be an “adventure”.

Then see which ones have you stuck, such as work having to be hard, believing that you are your diagnosis, thinking you are not good enough, or that money is hard to come by.

What patterns do you have?

This week bring your attention to the ones that raise you up, help you feel good, and add quality to your life. Nurture and celebrate those.

Then see if you can use the energy from those high vibration helpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and use them to shift the patterns that bring you down or hold you back.

Simply bring in the feeling of the higher vibration into the awareness of the less helpful patterns. Trust what you know already works and what feels right.

As always, we are here to help you on your journey.

Big Love – Emma & Alan

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